De-Stress and get creative with these DIY wedding favor ideas

We know what you are thinking. “I am so overwhelmingly busy with wedding planning right now. Taking on another task like making my wedding favors will put me over the edge!”

Hear us out though. It’s more a matter of how you approach the DIY wedding favor. It’s a proven fact that craft projects can be really relaxing. When done in groups, crafting projects are a great excuse to get together with friends, be creative, and catch up over wine and pizza. Think of it more like a party!

We rounded up a list of DIY wedding favor ideas that are not only easy and fun to make, but are takeaways that your guests will actually appreciate. So round up your bridesmaids and artsy friends and make a night of it!

Mini Popcorn Jars
Give your guests something to snack on during that next Netflix binge. Just fill mini mason jars with popcorn kernels and add personalized tags to finish the presentation.

Candy Station
A candy station practically takes away all the DIY and leaves you with a really sweet wedding favor. Just fill up serving vessels with your favorite sugary treats and arrange on a table. We love the idea of mini Chinese take containers, but a small doggie bag with your names and wedding date stamped on the front will work just fine!

Handmade Soap Favors
Organic, all natural soap is expansive, which means your guests will love this thoughtful, lovely smelling token of appreciation. You’ll need melt and pour soap base, essential oils, and dried flowers along with cutters or molds of your choice, knife, chopping board, measuring jug, a metal spoon and access to a microwave. Choose stylish and attractive packaging that best matches your wedding decor. See the full tutorial here.

Whether you’re wedding is taking place during summer, winter, or anytime in between, a cute S’mores favor will be loved by all. And we won’t judge if some sampling goes down while working on this one.

Pinecone Scented Soy Candles
While this project requires a bit more work, the reward of enjoying the cozy aroma of a pinecone scented candle made by you makes the favor totally worth it. And once you get the process down, you can make candles in any scent you desire. Read the full tutorial here.

Honey Favors
How adorable are these favors made of honey sticks set inside little test tubes?! Honey is the perfect gift for any season. If possible, support small business and get it from a local beekeeper. Visit the.beauty.dojo for the full tutorial and free printable tags.

“Love in Bloom” Succulents
A mini succulent will leave guests with lovely memories of your summer garden wedding. For a gorgeous presentation, wrap the pots in paper or fabric that matches the rest of your wedding decor. This tutorial from Style Me Pretty includes printable “Love in Bloom” labels. To make the gifts more personal, use labels with your names and wedding date.

Wedding planning is a busy and stressful time for any bride-to-be. We hope these DIY wedding favor ideas inspire you to slow down, tap into your crafty side, and get the creative juices flowing. And the money you save can be used toward the honeymoon!




How To Choose Your Bridal Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory.  When else do you get to carry a beautiful bunch of flowers designed especially for you, all day long?!  Whole weddings can be planned around that very special ‘bunch of flowers’.

 What flowers should you include in your bouquet? What colours/shapes work best with your dress? How big should your bouquet be? And how on Earth are you supposed to hold your bouquet?!

My 10 Tips For Choosing & Making The Most Of Your Bridal Bouquet


1) Choose your wedding dress before your flowers

When you meet your florist for a consultation, remember to bring a picture of your dress. The design of your bouquet is completely dependent on the style, shape, and detail of your dress. I think the key to bouquet design is that it doesn’t drown you, hide the silhouette of the dress or unbalance the line.


2) Consider the shape and size of your bouquet carefully

Do not opt for a trailing bouquet if the feature detail of your dress is on the skirt, but if you have a long train or bustle at the back of your dress you might want to balance the look with a more dramatic bouquet. Never hide your waist as this is likely to be your narrowest part, so make sure the bouquet is much narrower than your waist.  Whilst bouquet fashions change over time, the most important thing is that it works with your dress but doesn’t drown you or hide the beautiful details. Be able to carry your bouquet, don’t choose something too heavy to carry.


3) Find out what flowers are in season on your wedding day

Some flowers just aren’t available at certain times of the year (or are very expensive) so make sure you take this into consideration when choosing which flowers to incorporate into your bouquet. But remember, your bouquet will feature in most of your pictures, so opt for that beautiful imported peony or orchid to make a bold statement.  You’ll only need 1 or 2 stems to make that statement.


4) Consider the exact colour of your wedding dress

Colour is key, particularly with whites, ivories, and creams. There are so many different shades, your florists can recommend the right type of bloom to work well with the exact colour of your dress, and to compliment your bridesmaid’s dresses. Remember to take swatches if you have them.


5) Make it personal

Try to incorporate flowers that might have a personal meaning to either you or another family member. If you have a family heirloom such as an antique brooch, a lace hanky or something else to work into your something old, new, borrowed and blue, ask your florist to add it into the top of the stems.


6) How to hold your bouquet

When you are nervous before your wedding and hold your bouquet for the first time, most brides tend to hold their bouquet with two hands and carry it quite high which immediately lifts the shoulders up. This tends not to make a great picture, particularly if you are wearing a strapless dress.

If you can remember, (get your bridesmaid to remind you) hold your bouquet in one hand and below your hip, slightly away from your dress, so that you can see the silhouette of your dress. This will relax and open your shoulders, improving your posture and creating the best pose for your photographer!


7) Choose a comfortable bouquet (you will be holding it all day, after all!)

An opulent, massive bouquet might sound appealing, but remember that your bouquet needs to be really comfortable to hold so don’t opt for anything that is going to be awkward to carry and make you hunch your shoulders or stand lop sided. That gorgeous bouquet will ruin your posture in pictures and you’ll end up not even using it, then that R2000.00 bunch as beautiful as can be was not worth it after all.


8) Make it picture perfect

Pictures of your bouquet are lovely to have so make sure you ask your photographer to do some close ups. I personally like to deliver my brides bouquets before she gets dressed, this gives the photographer with plenty of time to take pictures of the bouquet itself and it gives some background blooms in the getting ready photos.  It also gives the bride and photographer a little bit of boudoir time with the flowers and lingerie before putting on her wedding dress. (a nice 1st-anniversary gift)

9) Keep your bouquet looking fresh into the evening

If you have a hand tied bouquet, you are likely to be able to refresh it at the end of the day by cutting an inch of the stems and popping it into water. Perhaps a job for your mum or maid of honor.


10) Enjoy your beautiful bouquet and remember you don’t have to toss it, you could always preserve it!


I hope you’ve found these tips useful.


Memoire Wedding Festival – Rental Lights Launch

We recently attended the Memoire Wedding Festival t the Memoire Wedding Venue.  With every wedding expo we I always try to show some creativity in my design as well as diversity,  and I really love using themes to do this.  So for the Memoire Festival, I chose a bit of an opulent Boho theme.  We also launched our new line of lights that we have available to rent.

With our boho wedding feel we started from the bottom up, we draped the floor with Persian carpets and Kellum’s,  we used the coolest ever ceramic camels as pedestals for our large floral arrangements, we mixed silver, bronze, and gold in our vases as well as our arch. Our flower choices were just magnificent, we used a range of imported flowers, Kenyan Roses, the most gorgeous Peonies and Orchids from Europe and even Cala Lilies from South America all in deep reds, soft pinks, and dark burgundy, we mixed in some local seeds and berries and hot pink cock’s comb and celosia to bring a pop of contrast.

Our new range of lights is now available for rent.  Our online rental catalog will be available shortly, in the meantime contact us with your requests. Marquee letters and words are available in both Afrikaans and English. A huge range of words or individual letters and & signs.  Our naked globe light curtains are just amazing and will give your wedding or event a nice edge.

I personally loved this look and loved playing with the boho theme.  Next week we’ll be at the Oakfield Farm Wedding Expo…

Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival Memoire Wedding Festival


Alana & Justin

This was an absolute first for me…

I had never seen or met Alana or Justin until I handed them their personal flowers on their wedding day.  I had only spoken to Alana’s mom up until the day and we were 1000km apart.  But an absolutely gorgeous day it was, Alanda and Justin is a very special couple that currently live and work in the UK, Alana is breathtakingly beautiful and so full of spark. I loved doing the flowers for their wedding!

They wanted a very rustic, earthy feel to their wedding floral design and opted for King Proteas, eucalyptus and we used tulips and lisianthus to soften the look and make it beautifully bridal.

Alana & Justin Scent Flower Studio

Alana & Justin Scent Flower Studio  Alana & Justin Scent Flower Studio Alana & Justin Scent Flower Studio  Alana & Justin Scent Flower StudioAlana & Justin Scent Fllower Studio


Mad Hatters Tea Party & Flower Crown Workshop

This was a very special themed kitchen tea at the beautiful River Meadow Manor in Irene.  The mother of the bride to be arranged such a special day for her daughter, family and friends with so much love.  Scent was privileged to do the flowers, styling and a wonderful flower crown workshop that the girls just loved and they could all go out for the bachelorette party with these gorgeous blooms.  What a treat!


Random Acts of Flowers on Mother’s Day

Together with our brides and grooms, we spend so much time, effort and money on making your wedding day perfect, not a flower out of place and the outcome is a breathtakingly beautiful wedding day.  But what happens after your spectacular day is done?  You jump on the next flight to have the perfect honeymoon and all these thousands of rands spent on blooms so many times end up in the trash.  Well, we at Scent Flower Studio decided to change this, and we urge our brides to support us in this new initiative.

Scent Flower Studio has launched our Random Acts of Flowers campaign with the hopes of improving the emotional health and well-being of individuals in health care facilities by delivering recycled flowers, encouragement and personal moments of kindness.

Jaendere and Ruan Visser was our very first bride and groom to selflessly donate their wedding flowers to our Random Acts of Flowers initiative, and we cannot thank them enough!  After their beautiful wedding at Oakfield Farm (coming to you soon…)  on a freezing Johannesburg Sunday morning, we left the house to go clear up all the decor and flowers from the venue.  Brought everything back to the studio, gave all the flowers food and water and rearranged some of the arrangements where flowers have fallen or been taken out, re-packed the car and off we went. Oh, to make this donation extra special – it was Mother’s Day… wow!

First stop,  the AD Care Group in Kensington, Johannesburg – This AD Care Home is so special to us, it is just down the road from my studio, the clinic takes care of elderly patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, frail care and hospice patients.  We were deeply touched,  our time spent meeting the residence was so so special.  Jaendere & Ruan’s donation was cause for so many happy smiles.   https://adcare.co.za/johannesburg-kensington/

Scent Flower Studio Random Acts of Flowers

Second stop, the Avalon Association in Kensington, Johannesburg – The Avalon Association is a residential facility for the physically disabled. This amazing facility strives to restore dignity and usefulness, horizons are broadened and dependency and despair are replaced with purpose and vision which is done through interaction with their Social worker and part-time Occupational Therapist.  Twenty-four hours/seven days a week basic caregiving and emotional support are provided to the residents.  We loved putting a smile on the faces of all the mums on Mother’s Day.  So so special.  http://avalonassociation.org.za/



Why do wedding flowers cost so much?

Just the thought of what your wedding flowers might cost can be very scary.  You might have a dream of an abundance of blooms, floating in clouds of florals but not an idea what to budget for.  What could it cost?  It’s only flowers…

So this week I decided to write this blog to try and explain the cost of flowers. I often see brides that have not been able to match her wants with her budget and there are so many blog posts now with misinformation and frustration seeming to come, just simply, from lack of subject knowledge. It’s difficult to know how much your custom wedding will cost and our advise would always be to ask each individual supplier for their professional input to guide you. No two weddings are the same so a ‘ballpark’ figure without knowing what you want is nearly impossible to give. Don’t be afraid to discuss budgets, after all each wedding is different and we have all seen every budget range for flowers. If you plan early you will have time to save up and/or manage expectations.

Firstly, Where do your flowers come from?

Well….. Flowers are grown all over the world, and in every country your professional florist will try to get seasonal local flowers as often as possible to support the local community. To ensure that flowers are available all year round though we must buy from the global market, supplied by highly skilled growers working on a massive scale.

The growers work all day up and down their ‘flower lanes’ picking the flowers at their optimum ripeness. The flowers will go from picked to packaged to loaded onto the transporter, and be at market in a matter of hours!!

Secondly, to the market.

The biggest flower market is in Holland, where many growers sell their flowers. These are then bought  and shipped out all over the world, again, in a matter of hours. It’s a logistical masterpiece!

It’s difficult to imagine on a day-to-day basis why flowers would cost so much, seeing them growing in gardens and fields all over the place.  I can tell you that you would be pushed to find 500 or more roses in perfect condition, with straight stems around you that you could pick and use in your wedding (it’s a nice idea though, right?

Lastly, the florist.

So, what comes next…. Well, after this the flowers are delivered the wholesaler for collection. Me, your wedding florist will then collect and take the flowers to my studio to ‘condition’ the stems. Each flower has a different kind of stem structure, temperature conditions they prefer and life expectancy. They tend to arrive to us and need leaves removing and maybe thorns removing too. They will all need to go into clean water with their preferred flower food at the correct consistency. Depending on your wedding date the florist will monitor each flower and manage the conditions accordingly to get your flowers open to the correct stage for your wedding day. Some of your flowers may arrive the week before, and some a few days in advance. This is all before we even start to arrange them!.  This all adds to the cost of the flowers too, imagine it like an electrician or a plumber. You pay for their time and skill and the flowers are the ‘parts’ we need to create your designs. OK so you wont get electrocuted or drown if you do it yourself but it will be stressful and you wont get a professional look. After all, do you think we could turn up at your work for 1 day and do your job well?

Once we start to create your bouquets, buttonholes, ceremony designs and table centres, there will be a team of people preparing, wiring individual stems, removing bruised or misshapen petals and organising logistics for delivery and assembly on site. Let me give you an example here… Lets say you have gone for a domed bowl of roses in a medium size for a table of 10 people. This may consist of anywhere between 60 and 90 roses (depending on the fullness). This design may take a professional working at full speed 30 minutes minimum to create. If you have 10 tables that means that you have 1 florist working for 5 hours at least just on the table centres. You may therefore have 2-3 people working on a medium-sized wedding for 1-2 days depending on how intricate the designs are.

So you can see, caring for flowers, prepping, creating, packaging, logistics, love, sweat, laughs and tears go into your wedding preparation from our industry. We genuinely love it, the time we spend with you creating your quote, designing your dream and on the day delivering the seemless service you expect. Flowers are delicate, irregular and beautiful. Man and Woman power is imperative to ensure quality and efficiency and I truly hope that you find this useful to explain the costs involved.

If you have any questions, please get in touch! you can email on info@scentflowerstudio.co.za both Anne-Marie and I (Amy) will be happy to help and explain”


Top Vendor Wedding Awards – Have you Voted?

So… we recently became members of the Top Vendor Wedding Awards and we are participating in our very first awards…..  This was a big step for us, with a little bit of doubt and a lot of enthusiasm and excitement we have taken on this challenge and we need all our followers, friends, family and fans to vote for us.

The first round of voting ends on the 5th of May, during this round we encourage everyone to vote to give us the opportunity to continue on to the second and final round when a panel of judges will be deciding who the winners are. And we might just stand a chance to go to the award ceremony in Cape Town.

So to make it easier for our fans to vote and to win while voting we have added some links and we will talk you through this somewhat difficult website and voting process.

Step 1:  Register Here 

There are some awesome prizes up for grabs when you vote, so be sure to follow the instructions to register before you vote!

Step 2:  Vote Here

  • Choose the section for “Best Floral Creation” and click on the yellow “Start” button.
  • Give the photos a couple seconds to load, there are no company names linked to the pictures and they are shuffled every time you log in, look for the pictures in our collection and click on it to start.
  • Once the first picture opens to the collection click on the button below the picture “Next Photo In The Collection”, do this with all the photo’s, there is only 5 photos.
  • Lastly, once you get the photo 5, you can click on “VOTE FOR THIS”
  • And you’re done!





Bronwyn & Warren Green

This gorgeous couple, Bronwyn & Warren shared their vows at Avianto Wedding Venue in Muldersrift and we were lucky enough to make their day pretty.  Bronwyn is a beautiful, down to earth plain jane…  She didn’t want elaborate, screaming flowers, she opted for understated, elegant, romantic flowers that are as photogenic as she is.  Blush pinks and soft whites in beautiful lanterns with lots of candlelight filled the space and to have a little touch of sparkle and awe, we added a huge suspended wreath over the dancefloor.  We loved this wedding!

Bronwyn & Warren, we wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness, may every moment together be special!  Aaaaand…. congratulations with the new honeymoon addition to your family!  We are over the moon for you both +1.



What is a wedding flower consultation?

Hmmm yes, a wedding flowers consultation, I’d err love to book one of those…what an earth is a wedding flowers consultation?! Perhaps it raises alarm bells for you and you feel that it’s just an opportunity for us wedding florists to get you hook line and sinker and hit you with all our sales tactics…well, let me reassure what a wedding flowers consultation with Scent Flower Studio is really all about.

I think a lot of us wedding suppliers or those within the creative industries might just make the assumption that all prospective clients will already know what a ‘consultation’ or ‘design meeting’ is but actually perhaps you don’t and it might just put you off what is actually a very important part of the wedding flowers booking process.  Let me enlighten you, a consultation is really just a fancy way to a describe a bit of a get-to-know-you or chat.

Whilst a chat formal or informal will delight some of you, for others, this will fill you with dread. We’re not scary and it really is just a chat over a cup of tea to get to know you but most importantly to get a feel for your vision for the wedding day, establish your initial thoughts and ideas for your wedding flowers so that ultimately we can finalise some beautiful designs and provide you with a bespoke quote.


What do I bring to a wedding flowers consultation?

Some clients will come to us with scrapbooks and Pinterest boards filled with ideas, others a concise list of their exact requirements and some will come to the table with a completely blank page. Which ever way you are inclined we are experienced at making suggestions and guiding your ideas. Below is a checklist of things to consider and that always make a great starting point at a consultation.

– Colours. A clear idea of your colour theme, often determined by the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses is really important. If you can bring fabric swatches or photos of these dresses/colours that is really helpful.

– Photos of key areas of your venue. Us florists are all about the details both pretty and practical; if it’s a church wedding for example then photos of the chairs or pews is really helpful for us to determine what style of flowers will be suitable to attach to them. When you’re next at your venue, take along a tape measure and measure up any key features such as fireplaces or archways should you think you might like flowers there.

– Images. You may be a very flowery person and have a vast knowledge of flowers names. Equally, you may know what you like but have no clue about flowers, don’t worry. If you bring images that give the overall look of what you’re hoping to achieve or perhaps you’ve found a picture of THE bouquet for you, bring those images along and we can tell you what those flowers are if they will be in season for your wedding day and together design something beautiful.

Where will my wedding flowers consultation be?

We offer consultations by appointment at our design studio in Kensington or Midstream or if your venue is local and it’s one we are perhaps not yet familiar with, it might be possible to arrange to meet you there, we will meet you at your home or even a coffee shop close to your work if that is more convenient for you. Not all florists will necessarily offer this service particularly during the height of wedding season or at weekends as this is often our busiest time.

We would encourage clients to meet us in person, particularly if it is to discuss large volumes of flowers, elaborate designs or anything out of the ordinary as it is far easier to share images and sketches in person. That said, if you are simply too busy then we can schedule a phone or Skype consultation at your convenience.

If it is just bouquets and buttonholes you require, then you probably don’t need to come for a consultation, just send us a photo of your design via email and we can come back to you with a price.

How long does a consultation last?

Really a consultation with us will take as long as required but an hour is typically what we would advise.

Will the ideas at the consultation be the final designs we have to go with?

We would hope that by the end of the consultation we have come up with designs that you love and are really excited about. If you have an idea of your budget then where possible we will indicate during the consultation if perhaps an alternative idea might be more suitable. All our quotes we send to you via email after the consultation will have a detailed breakdown of the design and a price for each item, you can then take some time to decide if you’re still just as excited about them or if perhaps there might need to be a little tweaking. Even when you have confirmed your wedding flowers booking with Scent Flower Studio there is still room for adjustments here and there as your wedding plans develop.

When will I receive my wedding flowers quote?

We always say to allow 7 working days (Monday – Friday) from the date of your consultation but where possible we will do our best to get it back to you sooner.


Can I just turn up?

Due to the nature of our job we are very busy and aren’t always at our design studio so all our consultations are by appointment only. Just send us an email or call us and with a couple of preferred dates and times, we can check our diary and get you booked in for your wedding flowers consultation.