Alana & Justin

This was an absolute first for me…

I had never seen or met Alana or Justin until I handed them their personal flowers on their wedding day.  I had only spoken to Alana’s mom up until the day and we were 1000km apart.  But an absolutely gorgeous day it was, Alanda and Justin is a very special couple that currently live and work in the UK, Alana is breathtakingly beautiful and so full of spark. I loved doing the flowers for their wedding!

They wanted a very rustic, earthy feel to their wedding floral design and opted for King Proteas, eucalyptus and we used tulips and lisianthus to soften the look and make it beautifully bridal.

Alana & Justin Scent Flower Studio

Alana & Justin Scent Flower Studio  Alana & Justin Scent Flower Studio Alana & Justin Scent Flower Studio  Alana & Justin Scent Flower StudioAlana & Justin Scent Fllower Studio

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