Random Acts of Flowers on Mother’s Day

Together with our brides and grooms, we spend so much time, effort and money on making your wedding day perfect, not a flower out of place and the outcome is a breathtakingly beautiful wedding day.  But what happens after your spectacular day is done?  You jump on the next flight to have the perfect honeymoon and all these thousands of rands spent on blooms so many times end up in the trash.  Well, we at Scent Flower Studio decided to change this, and we urge our brides to support us in this new initiative.

Scent Flower Studio has launched our Random Acts of Flowers campaign with the hopes of improving the emotional health and well-being of individuals in health care facilities by delivering recycled flowers, encouragement and personal moments of kindness.

Jaendere and Ruan Visser was our very first bride and groom to selflessly donate their wedding flowers to our Random Acts of Flowers initiative, and we cannot thank them enough!  After their beautiful wedding at Oakfield Farm (coming to you soon…)  on a freezing Johannesburg Sunday morning, we left the house to go clear up all the decor and flowers from the venue.  Brought everything back to the studio, gave all the flowers food and water and rearranged some of the arrangements where flowers have fallen or been taken out, re-packed the car and off we went. Oh, to make this donation extra special – it was Mother’s Day… wow!

First stop,  the AD Care Group in Kensington, Johannesburg – This AD Care Home is so special to us, it is just down the road from my studio, the clinic takes care of elderly patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, frail care and hospice patients.  We were deeply touched,  our time spent meeting the residence was so so special.  Jaendere & Ruan’s donation was cause for so many happy smiles.   https://adcare.co.za/johannesburg-kensington/

Scent Flower Studio Random Acts of Flowers

Second stop, the Avalon Association in Kensington, Johannesburg – The Avalon Association is a residential facility for the physically disabled. This amazing facility strives to restore dignity and usefulness, horizons are broadened and dependency and despair are replaced with purpose and vision which is done through interaction with their Social worker and part-time Occupational Therapist.  Twenty-four hours/seven days a week basic caregiving and emotional support are provided to the residents.  We loved putting a smile on the faces of all the mums on Mother’s Day.  So so special.  http://avalonassociation.org.za/


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