Top Vendor Wedding Awards – Have you Voted?

So… we recently became members of the Top Vendor Wedding Awards and we are participating in our very first awards…..  This was a big step for us, with a little bit of doubt and a lot of enthusiasm and excitement we have taken on this challenge and we need all our followers, friends, family and fans to vote for us.

The first round of voting ends on the 5th of May, during this round we encourage everyone to vote to give us the opportunity to continue on to the second and final round when a panel of judges will be deciding who the winners are. And we might just stand a chance to go to the award ceremony in Cape Town.

So to make it easier for our fans to vote and to win while voting we have added some links and we will talk you through this somewhat difficult website and voting process.

Step 1:  Register Here 

There are some awesome prizes up for grabs when you vote, so be sure to follow the instructions to register before you vote!

Step 2:  Vote Here

  • Choose the section for “Best Floral Creation” and click on the yellow “Start” button.
  • Give the photos a couple seconds to load, there are no company names linked to the pictures and they are shuffled every time you log in, look for the pictures in our collection and click on it to start.
  • Once the first picture opens to the collection click on the button below the picture “Next Photo In The Collection”, do this with all the photo’s, there is only 5 photos.
  • Lastly, once you get the photo 5, you can click on “VOTE FOR THIS”
  • And you’re done!




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