What is a wedding flower consultation?

Hmmm yes, a wedding flowers consultation, I’d err love to book one of those…what an earth is a wedding flowers consultation?! Perhaps it raises alarm bells for you and you feel that it’s just an opportunity for us wedding florists to get you hook line and sinker and hit you with all our sales tactics…well, let me reassure what a wedding flowers consultation with Scent Flower Studio is really all about.

I think a lot of us wedding suppliers or those within the creative industries might just make the assumption that all prospective clients will already know what a ‘consultation’ or ‘design meeting’ is but actually perhaps you don’t and it might just put you off what is actually a very important part of the wedding flowers booking process.  Let me enlighten you, a consultation is really just a fancy way to a describe a bit of a get-to-know-you or chat.

Whilst a chat formal or informal will delight some of you, for others, this will fill you with dread. We’re not scary and it really is just a chat over a cup of tea to get to know you but most importantly to get a feel for your vision for the wedding day, establish your initial thoughts and ideas for your wedding flowers so that ultimately we can finalise some beautiful designs and provide you with a bespoke quote.


What do I bring to a wedding flowers consultation?

Some clients will come to us with scrapbooks and Pinterest boards filled with ideas, others a concise list of their exact requirements and some will come to the table with a completely blank page. Which ever way you are inclined we are experienced at making suggestions and guiding your ideas. Below is a checklist of things to consider and that always make a great starting point at a consultation.

– Colours. A clear idea of your colour theme, often determined by the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses is really important. If you can bring fabric swatches or photos of these dresses/colours that is really helpful.

– Photos of key areas of your venue. Us florists are all about the details both pretty and practical; if it’s a church wedding for example then photos of the chairs or pews is really helpful for us to determine what style of flowers will be suitable to attach to them. When you’re next at your venue, take along a tape measure and measure up any key features such as fireplaces or archways should you think you might like flowers there.

– Images. You may be a very flowery person and have a vast knowledge of flowers names. Equally, you may know what you like but have no clue about flowers, don’t worry. If you bring images that give the overall look of what you’re hoping to achieve or perhaps you’ve found a picture of THE bouquet for you, bring those images along and we can tell you what those flowers are if they will be in season for your wedding day and together design something beautiful.

Where will my wedding flowers consultation be?

We offer consultations by appointment at our design studio in Kensington or Midstream or if your venue is local and it’s one we are perhaps not yet familiar with, it might be possible to arrange to meet you there, we will meet you at your home or even a coffee shop close to your work if that is more convenient for you. Not all florists will necessarily offer this service particularly during the height of wedding season or at weekends as this is often our busiest time.

We would encourage clients to meet us in person, particularly if it is to discuss large volumes of flowers, elaborate designs or anything out of the ordinary as it is far easier to share images and sketches in person. That said, if you are simply too busy then we can schedule a phone or Skype consultation at your convenience.

If it is just bouquets and buttonholes you require, then you probably don’t need to come for a consultation, just send us a photo of your design via email and we can come back to you with a price.

How long does a consultation last?

Really a consultation with us will take as long as required but an hour is typically what we would advise.

Will the ideas at the consultation be the final designs we have to go with?

We would hope that by the end of the consultation we have come up with designs that you love and are really excited about. If you have an idea of your budget then where possible we will indicate during the consultation if perhaps an alternative idea might be more suitable. All our quotes we send to you via email after the consultation will have a detailed breakdown of the design and a price for each item, you can then take some time to decide if you’re still just as excited about them or if perhaps there might need to be a little tweaking. Even when you have confirmed your wedding flowers booking with Scent Flower Studio there is still room for adjustments here and there as your wedding plans develop.

When will I receive my wedding flowers quote?

We always say to allow 7 working days (Monday – Friday) from the date of your consultation but where possible we will do our best to get it back to you sooner.


Can I just turn up?

Due to the nature of our job we are very busy and aren’t always at our design studio so all our consultations are by appointment only. Just send us an email or call us and with a couple of preferred dates and times, we can check our diary and get you booked in for your wedding flowers consultation.

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